Sourcefit, an ISO 9001:2008 certified business process outsourcing (BPO) company with locations in Manila, Philippines, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We provide custom offshore staffing solutions.

The company was founded in November 2006 for the purpose of undertaking development of mobile-phone related applications. As its capacity grew in 2007, the company was approached by a Fortune 500 telecom industry partner to provide process consulting and content moderation services on an outsourcing basis. In 2008, Sourcefit again expanded and began offering services to industries beyond the telecom sector.

We currently offer BPO services to a wide range of companies in the IT, Direct Marketing, Banking, Hospitality, Retail, Telecom, Transport & Logistics, Accounting & Finance, Construction, Mining, Travel, Marketing & Advertising, and Journalism industries. We occupy offices in the CyberOne Building in the Eastwood Cyberpark in greater Manila, Philippines and INICA Tower in Evaristo Morales, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The company was founded by Andy Schachtel, an American entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in outsourcing both on the client side and as a provider. The company is growing steadily but adheres strictly to a policy of close, personal service for each of our clients. Above all, we endeavor to make sure each of our clients feels they can command our undivided attention as we provide them with a customized solution that not only fits their business needs, but also delivers maximum process optimization.

We aim to be the premier choice for offshore and nearshore staffing solutions for Small and Medium Businesses worldwide.

  • Elren

    National Ingredient Buyer

    “ I'm happy and grateful for being part of a company that considers the well-being of their employees specially during this pandemic. Sourcefit is a company that engages with their employees to improve and hone their personal and professional skills. ”

  • Enzo

    IT Helpdesk

    “ I have been with Sourcefit for 5 years. I;m truly grateful to the company. I can feel the support and encouragement of the Management team. Sourcefit prioritizes their employee and they provide everything needed to be successful. I love working here ”

  • Mon

    Graphic Designer

    “ Sourcefit became a conduit for me to work and partner with an amazing company for a long time. This partnership experience gave me a lot of opportunities, motivated me to be better, and offered extra skills (design and coding) to learn and polish. ”

Recruitment Team

  • Harris Ochoa

    Recruitment Director

  • Kaeth Danyel Barawid

    Recruitment Team Lead

  • Ricci Romanillos

    Sourcing Team Lead

  • Ysa Parcon

    Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Jarold Velasco

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Amy Lazarraga

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Pam De Guzman

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Roxanne Angeles

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Mary Christine Tagle

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Kristle Ysmael

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Christian Aquino

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Alliah Marie Rin

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Jayvee Lorenzo Robles

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Ali De Guzman

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Immanuel Tirona

    Talent Acquisition Associate

  • Bea Panopio

    Talent Acquisition Associate

  • Bonn Rupert Dela Cruz

    Sourcing Associate

  • John Patrick Paner

    Sourcing Associate

  • Erwin Adrianne Masangkay

    Sourcing Associate

  • Nika Angela Hagoy

    Sourcing Associate

  • Shannai Shane Requierme

    Sourcing Associate

  • Russel Abarra

    Sourcing Associate

  • Lenie Nebria

    Sourcing Associate

  • Audrey Gonzales

    Sourcing Associate





Bridgetowne, Pasig, PH

Eastwood, QC, PH


  • Fun company culture and events

  • Desktop with dual monitors provided

  • Comprehensive health insurance (HMO)

  • Paid vacation and sick leaves, option to convert vacation leaves to cash if unused

  • Competitive salaries based on the industry standard and experience

  • Professional development opportunities through Sourcefit Academy.