As a Field Support Specialist, you are responsible for overseeing all phases of utility construction for various types of telecom projects. You will assists a team of construction professionals to produce high-quality work, in a safety-minded environment. You believe in doing the job right. Being the best. And you’re up for the challenge.

About the client:

MasTec, Inc. is a leading national infrastructure construction company, operating mainly throughout the United States and extending its reach to Bangalore, India, through its subsidiary, MasTec QuadGen Wireless LLP. Specializing in the building, installation, maintenance, and upgrade of energy, communication, and utility infrastructure, MasTec's services encompass a broad spectrum of industries. Their work includes electrical utility transmission and distribution, wind farms, solar farms, other renewable energy projects, natural gas and petroleum pipeline infrastructure, wireless, wireline, satellite communication, industrial infrastructure, and water and sewer systems. Renowned for quality, innovation, and excellence, MasTec is at the forefront of shaping the future of infrastructure construction, seeking talented individuals who align with their mission and values.

Job Details:

  • Work Onsite : Eastwood Libis, Quezon City
  • Monday to Friday | 9 PM to 6 AM Manila time


Pre-Construction Tasks: General Daily Activities

  • Ensure all UDFs are current.
  • Participate in the Ops Team sign off.
    • Submit any material supplemental changes and notify Order Management.

During Construction Task: General Daily Activities

  • Email first day work order to assigned crew (market specific).
  • Ensure safety documents are uploaded and properly complete daily.
  • Ensure EPL is scanned to site.
  • Ensure crew properly manages customer network access (EIM, NFSD, AccuV, etc).
  • Coordinate to obtain approvals related to any build plan or design changes.
  • Request material supplemental orders, coordinate availability with warehouse, and facilitate timely delivery to crew or site
  • When needed, facilitate WERF/OBF requests and work with WHSE EPL Lead/PM Team for timely delivery to crew or site.
  • Collect deliverable from the contractor to ensure timely closeout, including; tape drops, EH&S, RET worksheets, and required testing reports.
  • Coordinate and communicate integration and troubleshooting efforts between crew, contractor remote support, and interval teams.
  • Score all appropriate construction tasks (aka milestones) or communicate to CPM when said task is done.
  • Ensure outage requests are submitted and monitored to ensure timely completion.
  • Assist CM with calling off any equipment rentals.
  • Follow up on power delivery through installation.
  • Assist with forecast accuracy (ensure the rolling 4 week horizon is being kept. ay slippage of current job that impacts the upcoming job will need to be escalated).
  • Assist CM with making sure all permits are closed.
  • For SPG - upload any deliverables required by the Tower companies.


  • You have a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Construction Management.
  • You have 3-5 years managing telecom construction projects .
  • You are proficient in Microsoft Office, particularly with Work, Excel and Project and the ability to learn custom software.
      • You have knowledge of telecom construction industry Coax Splicing, Fiber Splicing, Directional Drilling, map reading, etc. 
      • You have a track record of completing work with a high level of quality.
      • You have a knack for figuring out hard problems and enjoy a hands-on approach to your work.
      • You are looking for long term projects.
      • You enjoy problem-solving and like to troubleshoot problems as they arise in the field .
      • You have previous site management experience while maintaining a good relationship with client and suppliers.